Enlighten, Encourage, Empower

Our mission as Peaceful Roots is to unify the Black and Brown community to overcome systematic oppression. This includes hate crimes of all categorizes. We strive to spread love in a world full of aggression. It is important for every individual to know themselves, and their worth. As a result we do not discriminate or judge because we understand we are all equal and share similar experiences.


Peaceful Roots Art PRotest 




Throughout history there has been a continuous pattern of oppression between the "Black" and "Brown" community. Our pain and oppression has come in different forms such as inability to utilize expressionism, false imprisonment, police brutality, hate crimes, lack of resources, lack of opportunities and more!

Our goals for Peaceful Roots are to help our community with:​

  • Better living/ wellness to promote unity

  • Business, Marketing, and Networking

  • Resources to adequately support growth of self, business, and community

  • Promote the use of art to express ourselves.

Donations accepted