pAST Events 

Peaceful Roots Art Protest (Juneteenth)

The Peaceful Roots Art Protest (PRAP) was a Juneteenth event to celebrate the freedom of African Americans. We wanted Artists, and Business to not only network but celebrate and express themselves. A few weeks prior was the murder of George Floyd and as a result we wanted to express that even though the African American community are no longer slaves we still feel oppression and racism. 


Black Wall Street Protest 1 & 2

The Black Wall Street Protests were created to give the local Black and Brown Businesses an opportunity to brand, network, and conduct business transactions to create a steady economic system within the inner city communities. Over 100 black business participated and were able to raise enough money to help their business flourish through the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Christmas Makers Workshop 2020

Christmas Makers Workshop was hosted by Peaceful Roots Inc, and the Print Shop. We worked together to bring in children and parents to learn how to produce print ready masks, Christmas tree ornaments, etc. Our goal was to find a creative way to introduce the youth to Sublimation printing, and Vinyl.

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Marble Surface

Men's Mental Wellness Day

The "Men's Mental Wellness Day" is brought to you by Peaceful Roots hosted by the Hub (of 1341 Main St. Springfield, MA). The goal of the Men’s Mental Wellness Event is to unite/heal the African American, and the Latino(X) community. Resources have always been limited for them (financially, emotionally ,etc.) and due to the Covid-19 Pandemic it is getting increasingly harder to receive. Throughout this event we taught the importance of self care, and mental wellness.